Drug Abuse in Colchester, CT

Drug Abuse in Colchester

Colchester in Connecticut is a densely populated city with 7,565 males and 8,013 females. Surrounded by beautiful scenery the city’s median household income is $87,809. This increase in wealth has brought about the abuse of drugs amongst the youngsters in city.

Extent of Drug Abuse


Drug addiction is the most common issue among all states in United States of America. According to a recent survey, around nine million people are under drug treatment. This makes drug addiction the most prevalent problem, more than heart disease leading to an increase in the cost by ten million dollars by the United States health care spending and loss of around sixty nine billion dollars. United States suffers close to nine thousand deaths caused by drug abuse every year.

We are also experiencing a steady increase in the number of arrests made related to drug use in the city and state. According to a recent survey, around sixty million people involved in drugs visit the country through various private and commercial transportations.

Connecticut has tailor made substance abuse program to tackle the drug and alcohol addiction in its cities and towns. Substance abuse program focuses in the areas of drug addiction prevention, treatment, recovery services and community partners to help the victims get back into normal life.

In Colchester, illegal drug market is one of the most lucrative businesses. This profitable market attacks drug traffickers across the world that is aggressive, sophisticated and ruthless. The law enforcement team faces challenges in keeping the state and Colchester town and other out of the illegal drug market. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and MDMA are widely transported drug into the town and its surrounding area.

Teenage and Drugs

Teenagers are the most common victims of drug abuse. When the drug abuse leads to drug addiction one would have the following symptoms:

  • Tolerance towards drug abuse – one needs to use high dosage to get a high. A smaller dose does not work as the victim has developed tolerance towards it.
  • Need to consume drug to get relief from symptoms of withdrawal – one need to take the drug continuously to avoid experiencing restlessness, nausea, insomnia, sweating, depression, anxiety and shaking.
  • Loss of control over the drug usage – addiction leads to psychological need for drug continuously. You lose control to tame the urge to consume drug.
  • Under the influence of drug hallucination – when under the influence of high dosage of drug one cannot indulge or enjoy day-to-day activities. All he can do is think, talk and eat drugs.
  • Imbalance – addiction makes you lose track of your mood swings, paranoia and depression.

Drug abusers try to cover up the symptoms he is experiencing due to drug abuse and addiction in order to gain social acceptance.  Working on improving the emotional balance, self esteem, abilities and drug addiction awareness with family support and proper treatment should help the victim out of his troubles.

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