Drug Abuse in Clinton, CT

Drug Abuse in Clinton
Clinton is part of the state of Connecticut, United States. The total population of Clinton has increased by 10% over the last decade. However, there is also an increase in residents who abuse drugs.

Extent of Drug Abuse in Clinton

Like any other flourishing city, the city of Clinton also has fair amount of its population under drugs influence. Alcohol and drug programs are a department under California state control, which has taken the responsibility to administer the drug abuse and alcohol prevention, drug addiction treatment and recovery from drug use.

In the city, Clinton the drug addiction is an agonizing disease that calls for help and attention. To help the Individuals living in the Clinton under the influence of alcohol and drug addiction could contact the local drug and alcohol treatment programs to get treatment for drug addiction and to keep the physical destruction and death at bay.

Why Drugs are Used


Young and old use drugs to get relief from emotional and physical discomfort. Drug abuse also helps to boost confidence and energy or to forget panic attack. Drug addiction gives only temporary relief from the stress of life and keeps the victim in mood of ecstasy. People suffering from loneliness, low self-esteem, unhappy family life and anxiety fall prey to drug addiction.  When drug abuse continues for longer duration, the victim gets into much bigger psychological, social and physical distress were he finds difficulty in performing daily normal life activity.

There is considerable raise in drug traffic into the city of Clinton. The drugs are being brought into the state using the public transportations like airlines and through people who are traveling into the city. Heroin is one of the popular drugs in the state apart from cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA.

What Age Group uses these Drugs

Drugs smuggled illegally are distributed through retail mode by the various sections of the people at popular locations. Schools, colleges, clubs are some of the popular places where drug abuse and drug addiction is encouraged.  Middle school children get into drug abuse through peers while adults get into addiction by repeated drug abuse.

State has various measures to prevent drug and alcohol preventive measures in the state. The drug use is flourishing in spite of the law. Prevention and treatment are the two solutions for the drug addicts. The city, which is looking at growing in leaps and bounds, needs to address this unorganized sector, which is creating the darker side of the city through drug abuse.

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