Drug Abuse in Chester, CT

Drug Abuse in Chester

Chester in Connecticut has population comprising of 47.8% males and 52.2% females. With a median household income of $82,391, the city is facing drug problem especially amongst the youth.

Extent of Drug Use in Chester

This prosperous city, which saw rapid growth in various sections of business, also witnessed its darker side catching up with many cutting across various sections of people in Chester. The darker side growth leads the city into the grip of drugs such as Cocaine, Heroine, and marijuana. Connecticut State is also witnessing an increase in illegal trafficking of drugs and drug use. Drugs manufactured clandestinely are being widely used by people from different age group and socio-economic sections. Abuse of prescription drugs and procurement of the drugs from internet pharmacies have contributed to the increase in drug abuse in city and state.

What Drugs are Used

illegal prescription drugs
Illegal prescription drugs

Crystal methamphetamine drug seizures in 2004 confirm that methamphetamine drug addiction among young adults. The city has seen drug abuse on the rise through illegal trafficking among the middle class and lower middle class male population. Methamphetamine drug abuse is encouraged by the ever-growing club scenes in the city and its suburban areas. Chester has large moment of drugs through concealed compartments of vehicles, air luggage, public transport, freights, shipment and parcel or courier service. Chester also receives people in large number who visit the city to purchase large quantities of drugs and sell at retail infiltrating into smaller and rural areas of Pennsylvania.

People get into the drug addiction with mere experimentation or trying to copy the act of dear and near ones.  This habit later leads people to use drugs to get out of stress or to feel elated.  Drug addiction, which begins as a recreation, on the longer run leads into psychological need. Treatment along with good support can help the drug addict disrupt the drug effect and gain control in life.

Addiction tips the person off from the regular life style. The drug use keeps the victim in a hallucinated state, were he enjoys being in the state of ecstasy. This addiction leads the victim to drug abuse such as neglecting the responsibilities at work and home, or school for some, willingness to take a risk and relationship fights.

Almost every drug has the potential of addiction and drug abuse. Starting from prescribed medicines to caffeine and nicotine, everything is capable of addiction hence care should be taken when consuming drugs and play caution when forced to consume the drug on regular basis and abide by the Chester city law and order.

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