Drug Abuse in Burlington, CT

Drug Abuse in Burlington

A lot of teenagers and school kids have been found to be under the grip of drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana in the town of Burlington. Kids between ages of 12 to 17 years were found to be using marijuana and some have been using MDMA, cocaine and Methamphetamine. The ecstasy, LSD and other club drugs form a part of the most consumed drugs among the school and college goers.

Marijuana is among highest abused drugs. Some reports say that those who have used it as teenagers have experienced changes like becoming receptive to pleasure receptors in the brain which are linked to addiction and make them susceptible to drugs like heroin.

Signs of Marijuana abuse

The signs of marijuana addiction include several physical and physiological changes. Smoking marijuana can relax a person or elevate mood. It can lead to drowsiness and sedation. The other effects could be heightened sensory awareness, euphoria and hunger. It is often observed that the addict leads a cut-off life, has anger and anxiety. The abusers eyes are bloodshot, demands privacy; there is obvious deterioration in health and lack in coordination.

Why do teenagers get pushed into drug addiction?

the price of drugs
The price of drugs

Normally, it is supposed that the kids start taking drugs because of depression or wrong peer group. But there are other reasons too. Like some might try them in the urge to do something new or merely due to boredom. Some might take them for the sake of rebellion, lack of confidence and self-esteem also.

Family and Relationships

It is a fact that entire family suffers even if there is a single drug abuser within.  It is very common to find that school and college going kids who face lack of support and differences in family develop the need to get away and might choose drugs. It is necessary to form a dialogue in the family, being receptive about their problems and creating a healthy environment in the family. It is also necessary to form an extended family concept. A family where the youth sees no support and closeness often gets pushed into addiction.

Effects of Drug Abuse

The use of drugs results into learning disabilities. They start losing attention in studies and end up dropping out of school and colleges causing brain drain and affecting the city economics. This also increases crimes on an alarming rate. These crimes involve drug trafficking, rape, murder, burglary in order to get money for daily overdose. Other crimes include prostitution, pushing drugs, DUI, etc.

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