Drug Abuse in Brooklyn, CT

Drug Abuse in Brooklyn

Brookline is one the states where females are found to have outnumbered the males when it comes to drug addiction. The state of Brooklyn, Connecticut has a population comprising of about 48.3% females of which nearly 22% in the age group of 20 to 40 years are addicted to drugs, while in 51.7% male population the same age group is addicted.

Drugs like LSD, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy) are the most used. The addiction for cocaine and heroin is one the dreaded ones.  Among the teenage group and the club goers LSD and Ecstasy have been noted to be majorly abused ones.

heroine and needle
Heroine and needle

The reasons to site the higher rate of addiction and abuse among the females is likely because of physical and sexual abuse in the past or parental history of drug abuse along with others. Many are pushed into the addiction due to peer pressure, to escape psychological and physical pains. Other factors could be depression in personal and professional life and incapability to handle responsibilities. These women are from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Women are usually introduced to drug abuse by their male counterparts.

The drug use puts into them into the high risk group of catching HIV/AIDS, depression, other STDs and physical abuse among others.  Women into drug abuse often end up with increased blood pressure, problems in conceiving and very high chances of miscarriages, poor nutrition and low-weight. Also, the babies born to such women are likely to born with abnormalities. Substances like heroin and cocaine can cause withdrawal in the newborns and retardation in the fetus.

It is also seen that teenagers are more prone to drug abuse. The teenage group is emotionally, socially and psychologically vulnerable which leads them into such habits. The adolescents have been seen taking the substances to overcome depression, emotional highs and lows.

Despite the age and socio-economic stratum, drug abusers tend to turn to criminal activities including burglary, rape, prostitution and domestic violence. The addiction leads to many psychological changes leading not only to depression, anxiety, anger and rage, but also to criminal attitude in the urge to get the drugs.

The drugs reach the addicts through various channels in offices, schools, colleges and clubs. The various criminal groups source drugs like LSD, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA, and methamphetamine through shipment, flights and surface transportation for distribution in United States. Apart from the criminal groups based out of US, domestic groups cultivate, produce and manufacture and distribute drugs in different states of the nation.

but also for his family.

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