Drug Abuse in Brookfield, CT

Drug Abuse in Brookfield

All of us know the ill effects of drug addiction to the society. It is a warning sign that as many as 75 percent of the adult working force is addicted to some or other drug. There are studies that show the behavior of these addicts.

Brookfield has total population of nearly 38,649 of which over 90% is the working population. This population comprises of people from different age groups and varied educational, social and economic background.

Behavior of Addicts

A very common feature of their behavior is that they frequently change jobs. They are more irregular to go to work and enjoy absenteeism. Another problem with these employees is that they are less productive compared to others. And usually cause accidents at the workplace and the rate of demanding compensation is more.

Trouble for the Employers


The cost that the drug abusers employers have to pay consist of not only monetary but also in terms of low morale and productivity, absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover and theft. The employers have also marked that the drug abusers family’s health also gets affected increasing the use of medical benefits.

Economics of Abusers

The abuse seems more of the urge than mere pleasure for some. The abusers frequently require money to fulfill their daily doses. To ensure the demand is met, they end up asking for small and big loans. Some opt for theft at the workplace or even in the streets. A very common cause for drug addiction at the workplace is due to peer pressure, work pressure, disturbance in the family, and problems at personal and professional front.  However, addiction is often started as a getaway from problems and in few cases in order to seek pleasure.

Common Drugs

Drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine and Methamphetamine are the most used ones and marijuana being the choice of drugs. These drugs enter the city through cars, campers and tractor trailers. It is carried in backpacks from remotely located areas between points of entry of tractor-trailers containing marijuana loads also transport the drug across the borders of US and Canada.

Crime Threat

Workplaces such as industries have found to have booked product loss due to theft caused by such abusers. Owing to such problems many offices, factories and industries have established and implemented workplace policy, prohibiting the employees from any such use before and during the work hours.

Health Disasters

A large number of marijuana user suffers from lung damages. Smoking marijuana cigarettes regularly depletes protective antioxidant layer which is likely to cause chronic long-term implications. Marijuana smoking imposes health issues not only for the abuser but also for his family.

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