Drug Abuse in Bristol, CT

More and more people in Bristol are getting addicted to drugs commonly known as the prescription drugs. These are easily available with the pharmacists and are often prescribed by the doctors. These include the painkillers and drugs with components like OxyContin and methadone. As per the researchers, addicts to drugs of this kind visit doctors for minor illnesses and get them prescribed.

Places of Drugs Availability

Some people do ‘doctor shopping’ to get drugs like Vicodin or they even resort to pharmacy theft. Methadone is another drug that is widely used. It is a synthetic narcotic often used as a painkiller and is a form of treatment for opium based drug addicts. The addiction has claimed some death due to the overdose of the easily available prescription tablet in the market.

Drug Abusers

The takers are normally in the age band of 12-25 years. The high school students and college students were more among the addicts of painkillers. Besides, more of young women have been seen to use drugs for anti-anxiety. Among 12 to 17 year olds young girls are more likely than young men to use psychotherapeutic drugs non-medically. However, the percentage of men and women in other age groups has been almost the same. Also, among those who use sedatives, anti-anxiety drug, or hypnotic drugs, women are almost two times more likely to become addicted.

Owing to the increase in the addiction, it has become necessary that pharmacists and doctors keep a check on the drugs prescribed to the young lot. The pharmacists can check the information and prescriptions while the doctors can avoid the prescriptions.

The misuse of prescription drugs can be commonly found among the elderly. Elderly use prescription medications approximately thrice as much as the general population and rarely adhere to the doctors directions. Elderly patients may be prescribed inappropriate doses of medications like benzodiazepines to which they may get addicted to.

Health Hazards

Some of the opium based drugs can cause respiratory depression, high body temperature or an irregular heartbeat after taking high doses, cardiovascular failure or lethal seizures and for some stimulants, hostility or feelings of paranoia after taking high doses repeatedly over a short period of time.

Signs of Addiction

Elliot Matos, one of the many vitims of Oxicontin
Oxicontin victim - Elliot Matos

A person may be considered to be addicted if he shows insomnia, muscle and bone pain, sweats, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramping, muscle twitching, as well as other physical effects. The increase in OxyContin addictions has resulted in criminal acts to steal OxyContin. If a person continues to take more medicine for pain relief then he might be addicted. OxyContin’s addiction can be identified by repeated, compulsive use of a substance despite adverse social, psychological, and/or physical consequences.

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