Drug Abuse in Bridgewater, CT

Drug Abuse in Bridgewater

Among other addictions alcohol habit is the oldest and meddles in the lives of the people. Alcoholism easily exceeds the limit from casual habit to a regular feature. The alcoholic typically denies his addiction and compares his condition to his peers.  Amongst other American cities, Bridgewater has also seen a steep increase in this addiction and abuse by users in all the age groups. Cocaine and heroin are the primary drugs here. Apart from that OxyContin and MDMA use is rampant.

This is because cocaine is easily available. Crack cocaine’s distribution is widespread and it remains to be the drug of choice.

While nearly 6.6% of employees in full time jobs report heavy drinking (about five or more drinks per occasion on five or more days in the past 30 days), says another study.

Causes of Addiction

Initially, a drinker consumes alcohol in order to relax and enjoy. But as the pain is relaxed, the drinker becomes a regular and then gradually surpasses to becoming a habitual drinker. The alcohol acts as stimulant and regulates psychological changes. When a drinker experiences these changes, he enjoys them. The next time he does not achieve these experiences he drinks higher amount of alcohol.

Effects of Alcoholism

Alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic drinks

An alcoholic experiences significant loss of efficiency. The person loses his interest in work and shuns from his responsibility at home and office. Slowly, alcohol leads to social problems. The person becomes a social menace. His habit leads him into violent activities to get his daily dose of alcohol. It is also increasing the number of road accidents. The study on drinking problems say that the every second road accident occurred is due to drunk driving.

Women who are alcohol addicts and are pregnant also, pose a danger to the fetus. The babies born to alcoholic mothers have deformities.  Doctors say that whatever a mother eats goes to the baby as well. Therefore, if a pregnant woman has alcohol or any other kind of addiction, the baby directly gets affected.

The baby develops FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) which causes mental and physical defects in the unborn child. The other likely defects are small, light weight baby, slow development, deformed ribs and curved spine and mental retardation, lack of coordination between hands fingers and body to state a few.

Other hazards include liver and kidney damage and low immunity.

Kids and College going are the Most Susceptible

Although, addiction can happen at any time and to any one irrespective of their age, kids and college going are the most vulnerable. The impressionable age unable them to identify good and bad. Their peer pressure, family disturbances or pressure from competition drives them to the casual use of drugs and alcohol.

The pleasure derived from these addictions pushes them to use regularly and spoils their present and future. Nearly 25 percent of the youths between 18-25 years in America were addicted to alcohol as per a study conducted in 2004.

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