Drug Abuse in Bridgeport, CT

Drug Abuse in Bridgeport

Bridgeport is one of the most populous cities in Connecticut of United States. It is very famous as an important tourist destination, has a high economy rate, and is often described as a good place to live in. But some years ago, the condition in the place was not so. There were lots of crimes, poverty, drug addiction, and unemployment problems. This was mainly during the deindustrialization period from the 1970s to 1980s.  The people of Bridgeport fled from the city but immigrants still continued to come in. This was due to the low housing costs.

In Bridgeport heroin and crack cocaine are becoming the greatest drug problem and are the drug choice of abusers. Heroin demand is increasing at an alarming rate as not only it is easily accessible, it is also cheap and the purity level is high. Club drugs like MDMA and ecstasy are available readily, and law enforcement officers encounter it the most. Similarly marijuana can be obtained easily.

PCP is yet another drug that is found in Bridgewater. It is sprayed on mint leaves and then smoked. Drugs which should be obtained under strict medical prescription are abused widely. For example Hydocodone, Vicodin, Oxycontin, methadone and Ritalin are some of the drugs which are obtained illegally.

Illegal prescription drugs
Illegal prescription drugs

Although the drug problem, according to a study, has reduced compared to the yesteryear the numbers are still very high probably due to an increasing population. The majority of drug abusers in the city are claimed to be the school and college going children. This was revealed in surveys conducted over the past few years. The increase of drug abuse among children and teenagers are attributed to the changing lifestyles. In most families, both the parents are working and bring home tensions and work from office. As a result, the children find themselves all alone at home. They resort to friends which offer companionship. Sometimes, the company might turn out to be a bad one and they turn to all sorts of crimes including drugs and alcohol.

Sudden changes in behavior must be noted and taken seriously. Not all habit changes must be attributed to lifestyle and growing up phase. If your kid starts demanding more pocket money, you must know where it is being spent. If your child starts feeling disoriented or cannot concentrate, you must analyze the reason. Being unruly at home and staying away from home is a trait displayed by kids abusing drugs. If you feel any abnormality in your kid, you must try to speak and sort out the problem or consult a counselor or doctor.

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