Drug Abuse in Bloomfield, CT

Drug Abuse in Bloomfield

Drug abuse is very common nowadays. The victims and the culprits usually are the youth. Recently drug abuse has been on the rise in Bloomfield.

The most commonly abused drugs in Bloomfield are obviously heroin and cocaine. Another drug becoming popular is the Oxycontin. Oxycontin is an addictive pain killer and is costly as well. Most often these drugs are smuggled into the township by agents and distributers. The local distributers sell these drugs to the regular customers at very high prices. The reason for people getting involved in this business is the lure of the price money. To the users of these drugs, it is the momentary relief and feeling which pushes them to use it again and again.

OxiContin pain drug
OxiContin pills

Most often, all the people involved in this business of drugs is the youth. The youth are involved as they are energetic, aim to make a lot of easy money, and are adventurous. The recent case where five men were arrested, all the five were in the age groups of 22 to 25. These men were from the same locality and were friends.

In Bloomfield, the previous cases registered for drug abuse revealed that the drugs were intended to be distributed in the schools and park. These were the targets as children and youth can get addicted soon. Once addicted, the victims try to make money by any means to buy the drugs. As a result, many leave their parents and homes to make money and spend it on these drugs. Drug addiction is one of the major causes for the increasing number of children running away from homes. Those who don’t run away become unruly at home and fall into the bad company.

The use of drugs is not much public in Bloomfield. But yet there are many cases being registered. Police is conducting raids and taking precautionary steps to prevent the expansion of drug use in the town. As a result, there are many drug rehabilitation centres coming up in Bloomfield. Appointments at these centres can be booked over the phone or through the official websites. At these centres, the drug with which the patient is addicted is identified and the required rehabilitation steps are taken. If the addiction is worse, the patient might have to be admitted at a rehab center.

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