Drug Abuse in Bethlehem, CT

Bethlehem, in Connecticut is considered to be one of the best places to live. However, Bethlehem certainly has some residents experiencing drug abuse problems. Bethlehem is a large metropolitan area and drugs found their way here since drug dealers are continuously on the lookout for fresh neighborhoods to promote their wares.

Popular Drugs and Places to Begin Using

In Bethlehem, assorted drugs cause addictions and abuse problems in both youths and adults; including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, and other opiates.  The chic movement for some years has been “drug clubs” or “raves”.  Dealers establish a new area to sell their drugs sponsor these dances getting the young adults to try the drugs they are promoting; advertising that they aren’t “real” and its “harmless fun” anyway.

illegal prescription drugs
Illegal prescription drugs

Teens are enticed into using the drugs because they “won’t get in trouble”, and “they aren’t illegal anyway”.  Teenagers believe that if they participate, they are going to become very popular – part of the “in” group.  They are encouraged to do drugs to be accepted.

Scope of the Drug Dependency

Bethlehem’s drug addicts cause serious problems at work schools, homes, and communities.  The overwhelming desire for the drugs overrides sensible decision-making and coherent judgment because their craving controls the person.  Teenagers arrested for illegal drug use have more problems than they ever considered.  Overpowering desires for the drugs ensures the users purchase their drug of choice becoming involved in gangs, breaking into businesses.

Relatives see an increase in abuse; potentially leading their family member toward jail time, loss of a good education, losing their profession, leading to innumerable health troubles that are caused by overuse of the drugs.

Drug addiction causes resurgences in breaking and entering, shoplifting, and incidents affecting the city’s budget and ability to pay for services.  Overindulging in illegal drugs fills doctor’s offices and hospitals and oftentimes it is too late because patients die as a result of the overdose.  These losses affect the family as well as the community.

Workplace Drug Abuse

The overwhelming age of adults in Bethlehem that tend to use illegal drugs in the working environment are typically between the ages of 18-25 for overusing the marijuana and club drugs, such as Ecstasy, but the ages of up 35 more likely to use opiates and methamphetamine.  Frequent accidents affect business profits when employees are carelessness, make errors, excessive absences, lateness, and lost clients because of their poor performance and bad judgment.

A financial burden is often placed on the workplace because of the accidents in the place of work including healthcare and insurance bills; erroneous or unfinished orders, imprecise billing and other problems caused by carelessness in the employee.  Lost customers and burdensome bills caused by accidents severely anger customers and cause irreversible harm between employees having to cover for the addict’s inability to function.

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