Drug Abuse in Avon, CT

Avon, like many other cities across the country has a problem with drug crimes, such as possession, distribution, trafficking, prescription drug fraud, and conspiracy.  The drug business became prevalent because of its central geographical location, making it easy for dealers to travel to and from any direction.

Prevalent Illegal Drugs

Connecticut is one of the main areas for international drug trafficking in USA. Prevalent drugs in Avon include marijuana, powdered and crack cocaine, which are easily available throughout the state.  Gangs predominantly market heroin, and methamphetamine is commonly used as well.  The location and accessibility of major east-west and north-south highways makes it effortless for dealers to bring the substances into Avon.

Crack Cocaine
Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is widely available in Avon and actually remains a choice for many. Drug dealers convert the local cocaine HCL powder into crack and this is the main reason for its high availability. Usage of crack cocaine is linked to the criminal activity and has been a potential threat to the economics of the community.

Extent People go to for Drugs

People in this area start using drugs for many reasons, depression, and major life change such as a death or move, surgery/injury in which they continued the pain killers, peer pressure, and parties.  As a result of trying the drugs, many people turn to theft to pay for the drugs, gang involvement, distributing the drugs, or any method to get drugs.

Drug dealers are often caught with MDMA with couriers on international flights. Despite this the area of Avon and around is one of the leading source location for MDMA trafficking. MDMA continues to become popular in the club scene. The nightclubs and tourist atmosphere constantly feeds MDMA market.

Drug addiction affects families, schools, and relationships because the abuser withdraws from the family, makes poor decisions, and generally their personality changes because of the desire for more of the drugs.  Drug addiction begins to affect life due to change of personality, gang-related crime and overdoses causing permanent brain or organ damage or death.

Drugs Impact on Family Abuse

There are several signs that teens are experiencing drug abuse problems, such as repeated health complaints, breaking rules, diminished short term memory, irresponsible behavior, decreased interest in family activities, arguing, secretiveness; many things that cause relationship problems with the family.

Social life and interaction with other family members are affected because of their drug-induced frame of mind.  Antisocial conduct pushes even the closest friends away, which throw the abusers into a repetitive cycle and the drugs end up replacing the friends.   Ultimately, drug abuse often leads to spousal and child abuse which can have frightening consequences including prison, severe injury to the spouse or child, even death.  Regardless of what the circumstances are, drug addition has ruined countless families.

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