Drug Abuse in Bethel, CT

Bethel is located in Connecticut and its residents have drug abuse problems like other cities across the country. Main drugs used here are marijuana, which is locally grown, cocaine, heroin and club drugs.

Common Illegal Drugs

Even though Bethel is a small town, there is still people falling prey to problems caused by illegal drugs.  Marijuana, crack cocaine, and other opiates are available throughout the state.  Since cocaine is widely available here, it is popular amongst the drug abusers. Crack cocaine popularity is also increasing. Heroin use has increased amongst the teenagers. Methamphetamine’s availability has increased over the past few years and it can become a potential threat. Club drugs are mainly used by the people attending rave parties.

It’s difficult to understand why people try drugs—presumably, peer pressure has a lot of influence; unfortunately, once the addiction holds, users crave the drug even more.   Rising crime rates in the area indicate the abuser can no longer afford the amount they desire and try alternatives to get money.  Overuse and abuse is common and costly by destroying families and lives.

Drug Abuse at the Employer’s Office

Adults using drugs at work in Bethel, has not been a major problem yet, but it’s possible that not all abusers are reported or prevalent in many businesses.  Employers are affected by the abusers because it costs money due to loss or destruction of their products, loss of productivity, and loss of customers.  It ends up costing the employer and the employee.

The foremost difficulty is the price it incurs.  The cost of medical and workman’s compensation increase because the user is not able to function efficiently.  Customer orders are incomplete or erroneous, incorrect billing, and impolite employees cause customers to cancel orders, or stop doing business altogether.  The image of the company is affected because of rapid communications today notifying bad products and poor service, and when the image is tarnished, it’s difficult to recoup the damage.

Impact of Drugs on Family

family rupture

With teenagers abusing drugs, there are indications.  Some of the signs include consistent health problems, reckless actions, and flagrant disregard of policies, constant bickering or quarrelling, bad short term memory, refusal to participate in family activities, evasiveness, and other issues.   In some families, the parent is the drug abuser, presenting an equally enormous problem tearing the families apart.  When the parents lie and steal to ensure available money to spend on drugs, they neglect the necessities for their families, and potentially become violent and abusive.

Unfortunately, dealings with friends and other family member’s drugs delve the abusers into a repetitive cycle of depression and dependency finally replacing friends with drugs. In due course, sexual abuse, and spousal and child abuse leads the abuser to unexpected consequences such as jail, injury to themselves and even, on occasion, death of the abuser, spouse, or child.  Despite the situation drug addiction has torn apart many communities.

There is something we as community can do and the main component is education at a family, school and social level about the danger of drugs. This should include more involvement from parents in their children’s lives, more communication and zero drug tolerance at all levels.

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