Drug Abuse in Berlin, CT

Berlin has become an area in which drug abuse has certainly become detrimental to the community – enough so that several drug rehabilitation centers have opened to treat the addicts. Connecticut’s geographical position attracts substantial amount of international drug traffic. Heroin is perhaps the most widely available drug here and the cities in Connecticut are plagued with it.

Popular Drugs and Places to Use

Heroin and needle
Heroin and needle

Cocaine and crack cocaine usage is a primary drug threat here. Heroin is also a problem in Berlin. Methamphetamine is less in demand and the problem related to it is minimal. Primary audiences for Methamphetamine are young adults who are into rave parties. A popular event in this area for the past several years has been “drug clubs”.  The advertiser sponsors the dances, gathering the teens and persuading them to just try the drugs; telling the kids that the substances are not “real” drugs or “addictive”. Club drugs like MDMA are popular at the rave and night clubs. MDMA is becoming one of the favored drugs by young people, especially the blue-collar individuals.

Teens and Drug Abuse

The predominant age of young people in Berlin using marijuana ranges in the 16-21 year old age group.  Females don’t abuse drugs as habitually as their male counterparts, but both have been found using marijuana, methamphetamines, and cocaine.  A lot of guys and gals originally get on drugs at private all-night dance parties, called “raves”, which have evolved into highly controlled events sponsored by the drug promoters; encouraging drug use has become a primary goal of these dances – MDMA, Ketamine and GHB being the prominent drug of choice.

Marijuana is the most easily available drug and is the most widely abused drug here. Primary reason for its abuse is the low level cultivation that takes place in state of Maryland.

Oxycontin is also becoming a drug of choice amongst the pharmaceutical drug users. This is because of the thriving open-air drug markets present here.

Degree Abusers go to for Drugs

People in the Berlin community initiate drug abuse for many grounds including a feeling of rejection from a recent break up, loss of career, peer pressure, and bashes.  As a consequence of abusing the substances, many rob stores or steal for drug money, get involved in gangs, even so far as working for the promoter distributing the drugs.

Illegal substance dependence affects relatives, schools, and friendships because the addict withdraws from everyone they had been close to and normally their persona transforms because of the craving for additional drugs.

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