Drug Abuse in Ashford, CT

Drug abuse has become a major problem in many cities, and Ashford in Connecticut is no exception.  Cocaine is widely available here and people belonging to low middle class income level are mostly affected. Regardless of whether a large cosmopolitan area or smaller town, drugs find their way into the area because dealers are constantly seeking new areas to market their wares.

Popular Drugs and Place to Use

In Ashford, a variety of drugs made their way into the city resulting in addictions and abuse problems; including marijuana, cocaine, stimulants, hallucinogens, ecstasy, opiates such as heroin, methanfetamine and others.  The popular trend for several years has been “drug clubs” or “raves”.  Promoters sponsor them getting the teens together and encouraging them to try the drugs advertising that the drugs are not “real” drugs and not addictive”.

Teenage Groups and Drugs

Many studies are available on drug addition demographics, and most are divided into sex, age, and race.  The highest percentage in Ashford, by age, of illegal drug users is the 18 to 20 year olds, with the next highest percentage being 16 to 17 year olds.  Predominantly, most start out using at parties, then go on to continue abusing drugs at home, school, and work. They predominantly use drugs like cocaine. Heroin demand and availability is limited, hence its usage is restricted here. Club drugs have an increased demand and thus thousands of MDMA pills reach here every month. Since domestic marijuana can be found easily, there are many marijuana addicts here.

For school students, drug abuse affects their activities because of personality and mood changes; addicted students become irritable, and even angry or hostile to their peers, teachers, and other authority figures.  Apathy and lack of interest becomes an issue and they stop doing their work and begin failing tests and projects.  Many of the same mannerisms carry over into their home and family life that are argumentative, negative, or apathetic attitudes.

Work Environment Drug Abuse

rave drugs
'party' drugs

There are a couple of age groups that are predominant in Ashford for using drugs in the work force, generally the highest percentage being the 21-25 year olds for the club drugs, such as Ecstasy, but the ages of up 32 more likely to use opiates and stronger drugs.  Drug abuse affects employers with more frequent accidents loading and unloading stock, mistakes, absenteeism, tardiness, and lost customers because of irresponsibility, attitudes, and apathy that carry over and affect consumers.

This puts a financial burden on the workplace due to the cost of accidents in the workplace including medical bills; wrong or incomplete orders, inaccurate charges.  Business image is affected because mistakes cause angry customers resulting in lost business.

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