Drug Abuse in Canton, CT

Drug Abuse in Canton, Connecticut

Canton in Connecticut is known to have drug and alcohol abuse problems. The city has become besieged with a medley of drugs that have been brought to town during this monthly event, resulting in numerous drug addictions.  According to local drug enforcement officers, the drugs predominantly include marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines.  A disturbing trend for several years is prescription drug fraud, meaning forged prescriptions, and another has been through “raves”.  Advertisers subsidize these club parties and entice the attendees to try the drugs.

All too often teenagers believe that it’s just all in fun, and there’s nothing wrong with it because “everybody uses them”.  Drugs become popular with the dealers doling out the drugs to start with, and once the users become dependent, they have a constant buyer.  The drugs are easy to obtain at parties and peer pressure certainly helps the dealers.

illegal prescription drugsExtent of the Drug Addictions

In Canton, people continue to use drugs because of the influx of people during this long weekend event, and the drugs are plentiful.  Once they start using the drugs, their bodies demand more.  Many students and young adults are arrested for possession and abuse, often leading to sealing money and gang involvement.

Whenever drug addictions become noticeable, the families are already experiencing problems.  When students or parents are arrested, this starts them down a burdensome path of losing jobs, health problem, and limitations for successful careers without significant help.

Drug addiction affects this city because of a theft, gang related incidents, and increase in deaths due to overdoses.  Cost increases because additional police officers must be hired to combat the problem.  Families who are in tatters affect the local community.

Drug Abuse at Work

Even though Canton is a rural community, citizens still experience problems with drug abuse at work.  The highest percentage for many years was 18-25 year olds for the club or rave drugs, and adults ranging from 25 to 36 are found to use opiates and stronger drugs.  These problems affect employers because of mistakes, and accidents giving rise to tardiness and absenteeism.

The workplace bears the financial burden of the cost of accidents, and because of increased medical bills, insurance rates soar also.  In addition, altered perceptions lead to mistakes on invoices, improperly built products, poor customer service, orders filled incorrectly – all leading to unhappy customers and loss of business.  In addition, employees have to do double duty because of the absent work; leading to disgruntled employees and poor performance.

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