Drug Abuse in Canaan, CT

Like many sister towns across America, Canaan, Connecticut, has their share of drug and substance abuse problems; not just with teens and young adults, but older adults also.  There are a variety of drugs that are favored by different age groups, and some continue to use them throughout their life.

Primary Drugs and Popularity

Canaan has seen an assortment of drugs resulting in addition for local citizens.  The predominant drugs causing the greatest threats are marijuana, cocaine, and crack.  All tend to be distributed throughout the state, but crack stays along the southern areas.

Marijuana buds and joint

Dominican Drug Trafficking organizations tend to be the principal distributors of cocaine; frequently operating out of motels with pagers and telephones to contact customers and runners to make deliveries.  Once people have tried the drugs they become addicted after only a few uses, reliving the feeling that cocaine and crack cocaine induces.  Marijuana tends to be the gateway drug leading to abuse of others, and popularity is gained through peer pressure.

Teenagers and Drugs

Most studies divide drug users into age, gender, and race because there seems to be a predominance of drug of choice between the groups.  In Canaan, typically 18 to 24 year olds seem to prefer marijuana, although steroids are certainly gaining popularity.  In the statistics, females are less likely to try drugs than males, and most begin using drugs caving in to peer pressure; then finding excuses to use more.

Drug use becomes apparent both at home and in the student’s school work; grades drop, attitudes change, and there tends to be adversity in relationships with adults.  Even removing privileges don’t appear to make a difference.  Family life is affected with the animosity, aggravation, and anger prevalent in drug abusers.  Soon the abuser starts stealing and lying to attain the supply of desired drugs.

Family Abuse and Drugs

Many people in Canaan think it is just the teenagers that are affected by drugs, but in many cases it’s the parents who abuse the drugs.  Both groups exacerbate the problems caused in the family and often tear it apart.  Teenager’s disobedience, hostility, and unexplained absences are certain signs that there’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.  When parents are the abusers, oftentimes the entire family ends out on the streets because they put money more into the drugs than into sustaining the family.

Drug abuse also tends to affect social life and relationships; frequently because the user’s focus is determined to acquire the drug rather than maintain appropriate social behavior.  Friends leave, jobs are lost, and lives are destroyed when the abuse becomes more important than other significant things in life.

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