Drug Abuse in Darien CT

Darien CT has become one of the cities which are forced to deal with drug abuse. This situation has become detrimental for Darien community. Number of drug rehabilitation centers has mushroomed to help the drug addicts with their addiction problem. Darien’s ideal geographical location and its access to other important destination through its highways and public transportation are attracts large number of drug traffic into the city. Like all other United States city, heroin is plaguing the community causing more issues to deal with for the law and order team.

Popular Drugs, Traffic and Places to Usecoke

The availability of cocaine and heroin in large number contributes to the growing demand for these drugs. Methamphetamine drug addiction is comparatively less. Youngsters who frequent rave parties and clubs use methamphetamine drug along with other club drugs. Heroin traffic enjoyed lucrative business for long as gangsters and mafia are controlling the business.

Drug abuse and addiction have serious damaging effect on the drug user. The drug intoxicates the victim leading him to a situation where he cannot stop using the drug.

Various drugs manufactured locally are being shipped to other major drug destinations in United States. Drug traffickers use various public transportation and national routes to transport the drugs to the desired destination. The law enforcement does regular watch of the highway, courier service and airlines for illegal drug movement.

Large number of new age drug dealers use sophisticated new age media and communication technologies to sell their products to their clients.

Drug addiction among teens

Teens are the first target for the drug dealers. Apart from the regular drugs there is an alarming increase in the usage of prescription drugs. When the teens see drugs being consumed by peers and adults they get attracted towards it or at least want to take the first drag of the drug. Teens drug addiction pose serious issue to the Darien community which is looking at growth in various sectors.

Various law enforcement efforts have completed the deployment of around three hundred and fifty nine officers which has resulted in around fifteen thousand arrests relating to drug related crimes and violence in 2002 in the state.

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