Drug Use in Cromwell CT

Drug Use in Cromwell CT
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Cromwell CT is reeling under the drug problem. The drug traffickers control transportation, sales and retail distribution of marijuana, cocaine, black tar heroin and methamphetamine. This has lead to the increase of availability of the drug to all sections of the community in Cromwell.

Popular drugs

Cocaine rules the drug addiction market in Cromwell CT. Since this drug is not available among the local illicit drug manufacturers. This drug is being imported from other destinations.

Methamphetamine is one of the most preferred drugs in the city and state. The traffickers have made the availability of this drug very easy through import of methamphetamine from Washington,, Arizona, California and Texas. The methamphetamine traffickers send small quantities of methamphetamine through various transportations such as commercial wagons, passenger bus services and courier services. Methamphetamine is also being produced in local laboratories in small quantities since they are crippled in producing large quantities of methamphetamine in Cromwell city.

Following are some of the symptoms found under the influence of drugs:

  • New friends
  • Smell of drug
  • Mood swings and unacceptable social behavior
  • Negative approach, increase in argument, confused state of mind
  • Destructive or violent behavior
  • Becoming introvert
  • Loss of weight
  • Depression

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