Drug Abuse in Branford CT

Drug Abuse in Branford CT
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Once an addict is addicted to drugs, it is very difficult to come off of them without the proper treatment. Drug addiction runs in pretty much all parts of the world now. It can be at workplaces, educational institutions, local hangout places, or even at your home. Your kid may be using drugs in his room, and you may not even be aware of it. This is the situation of drug abuse now. The number of crimes reported against drug abuse is on the high in Branford compared to the previous years.

In this town heroin is one of the most abused drugs. Crack cocaine is a little less abused. In suburban areas cocaine is the biggest problem as it is the drug of choice. People prefer crack (check out our crack treatment page)over the powder because it gets easily diffused into the body thereby creating hallucinations and a state of relaxation faster. High purity cocaine is yet another nuisance in Branford because it is supplied rampantly by the Dominican drug traffickers.

Teenager population that abuses drugs is increasing at an alarming rate. The most common drugs that they abuse are cigarettes, marijuana, Benadryl, and some inhalants. Drugs which are used for depression medication like barbiturates are also being used. They like to take stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine.

The most common problem that teens face after taking drugs is that they engage into unprotected sex that may lead to incurable diseases. This kind of substance use can affect their personality to the extent that they can try to commit suicide or even homicide.

Other problems associated with drug abuse include impotence in men, heart diseases, and even liver problems. People who often take drugs show brain damage and their cognitive function gets affected to a large extent.

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