Drug Abuse in Bozrah CT

Drug Abuse Bozrah CT
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Drug abuse destroys the health and mental state of a person abusing the drug. In the initial stages, it might just seem to give a pleasure to the body and mind. But after repeated regular usage, it becomes an addiction and the body craves for the drug. If not treated in time, drug addiction can cause the person to become isolated and mentally deranged. At times, overdose of these drugs can lead to death as well. Most of the times, the people engaged in the trade of drugs do not even try out these drugs as they know that these are extremely harmful. But they do sell it as it fetches them good amount of cash.

In many cities and towns, drug abuse is very common. It is mostly common among teenagers and youth. Drug abuse is becoming more common in Bozrah also. Bozrah is a town in Connecticut United States. Unlike other places, Bozrah has two villages and fair enough population. The number of teenagers and youth getting addicted to drugs and getting involved in the trade of drugs are increasing daily. It has been reported that drugs are being distributed in the colleges and places of work as well. Some people involved in these crimes have been arrested in Bozrah as well.

In Bozrah, drug abuse at workplace is on the rise. This is because unlike schools and colleges, there are no teachers or adults whom the youth must be scared of. In many offices, employees bring in these drugs and take it during their free hours. As a result of this, the businesses get impacted drastically. Addicts fall sick often. They lose their work productivity and seem distracted. The chances of these people inducing this habit in the colleagues is also high. As a result of these impacts, many companies are taking measures to counter drug abuse at work places by educating them about drugs or screening them with a drug test.

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