Drug Abuse in Barkhamsted CT

Drug Abuse in Barkhamsted
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Teens and Drugs

On average in Barkhamsted CT, the predominant age of young people using marijuana is typically 16-20 year old.  Females use drugs less frequently than males, with marijuana and cocaine being the preferred choices.  Many got involved with drugs originally at secretive all-night dance parties, called “raves”, which have evolved into highly organized party cultures;  drug use has become essential to these all night dance parties. Alcohol  is the prime drug abuse problem here.

In schools, the student’s behavior and grades begin to suffer.  Attitudes prompt both school detentions and expulsion potentially leading to juvenile court if they have been arrested.  Classes are disrupted because of these unruly students and security has to be increased because of the violence associated with drug abuse.  Family life becomes disrupted because of their children using drugs due to disrespect, hostility, apathy, and other mood changes.  Overdoses certainly become alarming in addition to financial aspects in getting the teenager off the drugs.

Extent of the Drug Addictions

In Barkhamsted CT, people continue to use drugs at other parties and with peers, and they begin to use more frequently.  Eventually, the yearning overrides good judgment and rational decisions because their craving becomes overwhelming.  Students who have been arrested for drug abuse can end up with more problems than they ever dreamed possible.  Theft becomes a big problem with students and adults equally – stealing money to purchase their drug of choice, involvement in gangs, and even beginning to sell drugs to support their own habits.

Families are affected because abuse issues arise; potentially leading to jail time, students losing a potential for federal college loans, both losing jobs, eventually leading to a myriad of health problems caused by the illegal drugs.

Drug addiction affects this city because of a resurgence in break-ins, theft, and gang related incidents; additional police officers must be hired to investigate and arrest, increasing the city’s budget.  Overdoses become a problem for hospitals, and many simply die as a result.  Families who are torn apart also affect the local community.

Drugs in the workplace

Adults using drugs at work in Barkhamsted CT, typically ranging between 21-32 years use marijuana and opiates, and 40 and over prefer cocaine.  Drug abuse affects employers because they lose merchandise, inaccuracies, absenteeism, lethargy, and lost customers because of unreliability, attitudes, and apathy that carry over and affect consumers.

A major problem with workplace drug abuse is cost.  Accidents incur medical bills; customer orders are wrong or incomplete, charges are inaccurate, and employees are discourteous.  Business image is affected because mistakes cause angry customers and lost business.

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