Drug Abuse in Cheshire CT

Drug Abuse in Cheshire CT
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Some residents of Cheshire CT savor the feelings when using drugs, craving that sensation.  Consequently, getting high leads to health and emotional problems as well as problems in life.  When people become addicted to illegal drugs they do many things that in normal conditions they would not ordinarily carry out such as burglary, shoplifting – even leading to armed robbery and assault to get their “fix”.

Drugs destroy lives in so many ways.  The damage to the body alone includes brain and organ damage, and depression and aggressive behavior.  Teenage drug users develop multiple problems that cause them to drop out of school, lose friends, unable to find jobs, or worse.  Adults face similar problems and in many cases begin a life of crime – it’s a disaster for their lives.

Drug rehabilitation is possible though!

Drugs Impact with Family Abuse

Among the signs in Cheshire CT that teenagers abuse drugs are frequent health issues, belligerence, immature actions, refusing to participate, dishonesty, or fighting – all are consistent actions causing problems.  Teenagers though aren’t the only problem, in many cases parents are the ones with the drug addiction. Parents spend money on drugs, relinquishing the basic necessities, and frequently becoming violent to other family members.

Drugs in the Workplace

There are many adults in Cheshire Ct typically ranging between 21 and 35 years of age who frequently use marijuana and other drugs at work.  Statistics show that workers over 40 tend to use cocaine.  Drug abuse affects the working environment because workers steal merchandise, and have more accidents than other employees who don’t use drugs.  Drug abusers have frequent non-attendance, causing other employees to have to fill.

Medical costs due to illness and accidents, lost customers because of inaccurate orders or broken equipment, and rude employees all cost the employer in one way or another.  Corporations and businesses are affected because their image is tarnished with this combination of recurring problems.

Connecticut-drug-rehab.com is here to help people break free from drug addiction.

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