Drug Abuse in Chaplin CT

Drug Abuse and Rehab in Chaplin CT
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The Extent People Go For Drugs

Many people in Chaplin CT think that drugs are safe because they feel great when using them, and so they continue using them to repeat the feeling.  They “chase the high” and get more addicted; in some cases even overdose or death occurs.  When using these drugs, they frequently do things they wouldn’t ordinarily consider, including stealing, lying, and other activities that put their lives at risk.

Drugs ruin lives, destroying mental and physical heath.  Physical damage includes depression, aggression, brain and organ damage, and other physical problems.  Oftentimes students drop out of school, lose friends, commit crimes, and end up in jail.  Adults face similar problems in losing jobs and friends, and committing crimes – what they don’t frequently recognize is that the short ride up is not worth the destructive fall that ultimately comes.

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Work Environment Drug Abuse

Chaplin sees a variety of ages in the workforce that have drug problems, generally the highest percentage being the 21-27 year olds for marijuana and Ecstasy, and the ages of 28 to 36 to use opium and stronger drugs.  Employers have problems with drug abuse in the areas of industrial accidents, errors, absenteeism, lax performance, and lost customers because of capriciousness, poor mind-set, and indifference that carry over and affect consumers.

All totaled a financial burden is placed on the employer for the cost of accidents which include medical costs, incorrect and unfinished orders, erroneous charges, and employees who are rude to the customers.  This costs the company revenue because angry customers result in lost business, and they certainly talk with each other about the problems experienced in this business.

Drugs that Destroy the Family

There are more than a few signs that either teens or parents in Chapin, CT are experiencing drug abuse problems, including health problems, memory loss, reckless behavior, refusing to participate in family activities, quarrelling – and the list continues.  Prolonged performance of these behaviors split families apart because the money is spent on drugs instead of basic necessities for their family.  Problems with violence also erupt which can lead to medical treatments and other problems.

Relations in the community, family relationships are affected because of their drug-induced disposition.  Disruptive behavior causes even the closest friends to start distancing themselves from the abuser.  Unfortunately, drug abusers can become child or spousal abusers presenting alarming costs including jail, injuries to the spouse or child, even overdose and death.  Drug addiction has ruined many families.

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