Drug Abuse in Canterbury CT

Drug abuse and rehab in Canterbury CT
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Drug Abuse in Canterbury CT

Canterbury CT is a beautiful town with a rich heritage, and even with all the benefits available authorities are still forced to deal with possession, distribution, and trafficking of illegal drugs.  There are multiple reasons that a drug problem exists among teenagers, young adults, and older adults in this community. It’s a great thing that there is a drug rehab in Connecticut.

Effects of Teenage Drug Abuse

The negative effects of teenagers in Canterbury using drugs are obvious, and alarming, but in this area usage of illegal drugs are diminishing.  Unfortunately, the abuse of prescription drugs, pain killers specifically, are increasing and underage drinking has seen a dramatic increase in teenagers aged 13 and even younger.  The majority of these teenagers develop a serious drug addiction.

Teens that begin drinking at a young age are at a higher risk of gravitating towards cocaine than teens who never experimented with alcohol.  It affects their grades, in many cases they are prohibited from sports and other school activities.  This dramatically affects family life when their need for the drug overrules their normal behavior at home; attitudes, unexplained absences, lying, and depression eventually will tear families apart if left untreated. Drug intervention in Connecticut is available. Give Connecticut Drug Rehab a call.

Substance Abuse and the Family

Families in Canterbury CT are divided over dealing with their teenager’s substance abuse.  In addition to increased hostility to the family, violence typically follows; creating greater problems for the younger siblings to cope with.  Unfortunately, one parent may also use drugs and be in denial – refusing to accept their abuse as causing problems in the home.

Families that were once socially active, both with their friends, at the schools, and at work often shut down when a drug abuse problem has been identified in a family member.  Sometimes, it is due to embarrassment, other times it is anger, but frequently it is denial – feeling that if they ignore the problem, it will go away.  Unfortunately, none of these are productive, and so drug rehabilitation can be the best thing.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Unfortunately, in Canterbury CT the use of illegal drugs has caused a variety of problems in the workplace.  The majority of those using illegal drugs typically range in age from 22 to 32 – their preferred drugs being marijuana, opiates, steroids, and sometimes methamphetamines.  A significant number of accidents caused in the work place are due to carelessness or recklessness, and in general stemming from the irresponsible behavior due to diminished capacities.

The costs to the employer of illegal drug users include loss of business, damage to company property, loss in productivity, and even into medical expenses, and increases in insurance rates – these can run into the billions of dollars.  The corporate image can be damaged because of the reported incidents, disgruntled employees, and unhappy customers – all resulting in a loss of business activity.

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