Drug Abuse in Derby CT

Drug Abuse in Derby CT
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Derby city of CT has a rising number of drug abuse cases over the past few years. The city is located in the New Haven County and has a huge population, especially teenagers and children. The recent rise for drug abuse and drug addiction is due to the easy availability of these drugs and cheap prices. The costlier drugs also get sold quickly to the working class people who are addicted to drugs.

Where do the drugs come from?

The drugs in Derby come from different sources and differ depending on the type of drug being brought in. There are drug distribution outlets in Boston and New York. Connecticut functions as an important transit between the two cities. It is also known that drugs come into Derby through the US-Canada border.

Which drugs are popular in Derby

Some of the widely popular drugs in Derby are Heroin (check out our heroin treatment page), cocaine, and Marijuana. Heroin is one of the most easily accessible drugs here and hence the users are more for heroin. The suburban areas of Derby have more easy access and storage of heroin. Another reason for the high demand of heroin is the high purity level in which the drug is available. Cocaine is more preferred in Derby as well. These are available in the required quantities, either for individual use or for wholesale distribution. Marijuana is also very easily available in Connecticut and the whole of Derby. It comes in mainly from Mexico and big drug dealers use leading parcel and courier services for the export and import of Marijuana.

Drug abuse in the work places

In Derby, there have been many reports of drugs being distributed at the work places. The employees sometimes work as carriers and at other times, the drug distributors directly do the dealings. Drug use has shown significant decrease in productivity of the employees and misbehaviour at the work places. As a measure to combat this problem, many organizations are conducting awareness programs at offices for the employees. Counselling and help line numbers are made available to the employees.

Though there seems to be no solution to handle drug abuse and drug addiction, there really is. Give us a call for and get more information about our drug rehabilitation centers.

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