Drug Use in Ansonia CT

Drug Use in Ansonia CT
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Ansonia, like many other cities around the state, has reported problems

with substance abuse in the form of a variety of drugs.  As mixtures become more available, many people – both teens and adults – have tried several types of drugs which, after a while, turn into an addiction.

Predominant Drugs and Popularity

Ansonia CT has seen a hodgepodge of drugs that have been introduced, resulting in drug addition for many people.  According to statistics, the drugs include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.  A trend for several years has been “drug clubs”.  Promoters sponsor them to get the people to gather and entice them to try the drugs.  Their tactics include stating that the drugs are not “actual” drugs nor or they habit-forming.

Teens and adults alike are told it’s just all in fun, and there’s nothing wrong with it – everybody uses them.  Drugs become popular because the promoters reward the dealers giving them incentives to sell more drugs.  They become easy to obtain at parties, and once the people become addicted to the drugs, the dealer’s profits soar and they have a steady income base.

Teenagers and Drugs

The studies indicating demographics for drug users are divided into age, gender, and race.  On average in Ansonia, Connecticut, the predominant age of young people using marijuana is typically 18 to 20 years olds, with 16-17 year olds next.  Males significantly outnumber females in substance abuse.  The majority of teenage drug abusers start using drugs because peers have offered it to them; then they begin wanting more and begin to find reasons to use the drug.

Students’ activities in school are greatly affected by both attitude and quality of their school work; grades suffer as do relationships with friends and teachers.  Privileges are also taken away for participating in sports and other extra-curricular activities.  Similar problems eventually show up at home and family life is affected by the bad temper swings, antagonism, and rage prevalent in many drug abusers.

Drugs and Family Abuse

Kids using drugs affect the family in a variety of ways including mood changes, forgetfulness, apathy, not to mention kids begin to steal money from parents to purchase the drugs.  Parents using drugs in the family present greater troubles resulting in inability to provide the necessities or even attention to medical problems and other needs.

Social life and relationships are affected because of the mind-set, and soon the trust is lost; something that is hard to regain.  Friends stop wanting to associate with them; leading the abuser further down the path of misuse because of their antisocial conduct.   Ultimately, drug use by the parents tends to lead to child and spousal abuse, which eventually causes child protective services to remove the child from the abusive situation; generally causing irreparable damage to the family.

Drug rehabilitation is possible though!

Give us a call for more information about drug rehab in Connecticut.

Ansonia is only one of many cities throughout Connecticut that is affected by the devastating effects of drug abuse.

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