Drug Addiction in Beacon Falls CT

Drug Addiction in Beacon Falls
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The Degree People go to for Drugs

A lot of the drug users in Beacon Falls CT begin using drugs and can come up with plenty of “rational excuses” for their continuation of the drugs.  For some, it’s despair, others it is a life change such as a loss of job or death, peer pressure, and for some a severe injury is an excuse to continue the drugs.  As a result of getting addicted to drugs, some turn to robbery, others get involved in gangs to get a larger source of suppliers, some begin selling the drugs; in other words they do whatever it takes to get the supply replenished.

Drug addiction affects all kinds of associations because the abuser removes themselves from school, work or family activities.  Many times they will drop old friends and start hanging out with different people who are poor influences.  The community is affected because of the increase in gang-related crimes, and anguish over jail terms and even overdoses causing permanent disabilities or deaths.

Workplace Abuse

Adults using drugs at work in Beacon Falls, typically have a problem with marijuana (marijuana treatment is available), methamphetamines, and opiates. Cocaine is actually the drug of choice and crack cocaine is preferred over the powder. Because of this problem, people tend to take more number of sick days, which in turn results in huge business losses.

Drug-Related Family Abuse

Teenagers becoming addicted to drugs are evidenced by sudden mood swings, truancy, lying, dishonesty, and unexplained disappearances, as well as stealing to purchase the drugs.  There are even parents that are drug abusers and cause family problems including forcing children to steal money for them in order to buy food and pay for the basic necessities. Heroin demand is on a rise amongst this population as its’ high purity (70-80%) can be bought at cheap prices. Methamphetamine is not widely available, but most of its users are the teenagers and young adults who go to rave parties.

Club drugs like MDMA and ecstasy are readily available and are becoming one of the most problematic issues of law enforcement department here. It is a drug of choice of college students and high school teenagers. College campuses, nightclubs and rave clubs are the common places where it is distributed. One can find MDMA at a retail price of $20-$30 per unit.

Life within the community is affected because of the drug-induced problem causing friends to distance themselves from the abuser. Unfortunately this tends to plunge the abuser further into their depression or other antisocial behavior.   Eventually, parents who are addicted to drugs become irritable and irresponsible making poor judgments, often leading to abuse of other family members, removal from their care, or imprisonment.

Drug rehab in Connecticut can help a person kick their drug addiction problem.

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