Drug Abuse in Bethany CT

Drug Abuse in Bethany CT
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Bethany, CT, like so many sister cities, is plagued with a variety of drug-related crimes, including possession, distribution, prescription drug fraud, and robbery. The drug business is actually a form of escapism, but much more dangerous than escaping into a good book or a movie, because it damages lives, and harms communities.

Prevalent Illegal Drugs

Prevalent drugs in the Bethany region include marijuana, crack cocaine (crack treatment is available), methamphetamine and Ecstasy, which are readily available. Heroin is distributed by gangs, and methamphetamine is available in several areas. The location and accessibility of major ocean access, as well as west-north-south highways makes it so easy for the dealers to transport the drugs into this area.

Typically, the abuser begins the habit believing that the long-range consequences of using drugs will be minimal. They don’t believe they are losing the chance to live a long, healthy life in exchange for immediate gratification. In fact, the reason many start is that their problems seem so severe that drugs simply make sense to them.

Drugs in the Workplace

Adults in the workforce in Bethany, who use drugs typically range between the ages of 20 and 35 years. They tend to use marijuana and methamphetamine, and those in the nightclub and party-scene use ecstasy, cocaine, and opiates. Businesses are severely affected by employee drug abusers because they lose merchandise, absenteeism causes loss in productivity and customers choose other businesses to because of poor quality in the products the drug abuser builds, or incorrect orders and invoices.

A major problem with workplace drug abuse is the price tag. Drug abusers invite accidents because of their altered mental status resulting in increased medical treatments and rehabilitation requirements to prevent job loss for valued employees. Corporate images are affected because poor quality in products and mistakes in customer dealings are highly visible.

Family Abuse due to Drugs

The drug-abusing youth in the community cause an array of problems in the family, and denial of the parents greatly contribute. Even though the youth exhibits the typical mood changes, loss of memory, lethargy, and stealing to continue using drugs, parents maintain denial of a problem. Parents who are abusing drugs place their families at risk because they spend money on drugs instead of the necessities for their families.

Solving the drug problem necessitates changing the attitudes of the youth to reduce hopelessness and feeling of separation. The drug abusers distance themselves from friends and family in favor of the drug as a companion. Unfortunately, parental drug abuse can lead to sexual violence, child cruelty, and other abusive behavior.

Drug rehab in Connecticut can help kick the drug addiction problem.

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